Summer On The Beach

Last summer my wife and I were at sea. We were lying at the end of the beach where there were many naked like us. We brought our sandwiches for lunch. My wife sent me to look soft, was very thirsty. I took the camera and left. I lingered somewhere hour.

From afar I saw that my wife has company. I looked through the camera Olimus old but with 20 times optical zoom. She rested while a man was sitting beside her, clearly and annoying. But apparently not. She got up, looked around and walked with her to the water. They are laughing and talking like old friends. In the water began to be sprayed and the man had chased. At one point he grabbed her and hugged her. I began to photograph. She turned her back to him and he put it clearly and they sometimes stood still. Only the man was moving slightly back and forth. Apparently empty it. They left to go. On the shore they parted and my wife lay down beside luggage.

I waited another 10-something minutes and appeared. Very slow murmured in drowse my wife. What I saw some familiar grinned I said. And she had seen a colleague who passes it said. Say hello to her and exchanged a few words. Bill with his wife but was 100 meters. Well call them say already we have many acquaintances here. Well, we’ll call she said.

I’m a little full, but why did I dashna. My husband enjoys the act when surround me and try to touch me. Sea was the last peak. I had two admirers hung where every day to us. Served me cigarettes, cold water. They were less dartichki. My husband calls them to catch both of cocks to fight hand job and let me into the sea with them. And they caught. Come to empty my husband said his wife will let you into the sea. They emptied one another and shout
Come on. I went to the sea, they scurry to me. We went into the sea and they for me sbaraha badzhatsite. Groping me and grabs her pussy. One drank stuck a finger in your butt. Nadupih him slightly. He immediately put his dick in my ass and I scored it. My other held her tits.
As empty cry come ashore to our mind. Take me at my husband and they put me on my knees. Nutty cock of the one who held me tits and the other swallowed cock my husband. Empty it out and my pussy. Then he thrust his my mouth and emptied it inside. She made me swallow him.